Hebert’s Offers Deboned Stuffed Meats!

Cajun Ed’s meat market at Tulsa Creole Restaurant, Tulsa Cajun Restaurant and Tulsa seafood restaurant offers a variety of deboned meats that are filled with stuffing or dressing. Chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit, Cornish game hen and even quail are available. Stuffings and dressings include crawfish jalapeno cornbread dressing, crawfish etouffee and rice, eggplant dressing, boudin, pork stuffing, turducken, sausage, dirty rice, alligator dressing, broccoli cheese and rice, wild rice and pecan dressing, shrimp etouffee and rice, cornbread dressing, jambalaya, andouille cornbread dressing and more! We also serve Alligator Meat for Sale!

We also offer turduckens! If you’re looking for turduckens for sale we are the place for you. So come on over and check out our Tulsa seafood restaurant that has turduckens for sale! Come and check out our Tulsa Cajun Restaurant. We are the best around!