Hem saws is the Best!

C4 Industrial offers credible, world-renowned quality hem saws. C4 has set the standard in hem saws, AKS waterjet cutting system machinery, AKS Waterjet, manufacturing with many patented innovations and amazing technological advances. The quality and durability of our product makes us the leaders in new band saw technology not only in America but in the world. We also have a wide selection of products to choose from with over 70 different models of production band saws. We offer only high-quality stock and reconditioned saws. We provide automatic material handling systems and synthetic, semi-synthetic, and soluble oil eliminator fluids. We have all sorts of metalworking products and capabilities to fit your application and production needs. Our relationship with our customers does not end after a sale. With our expert team of machinists, engineers, and service technicians, we make sure that your equipment is the best it can be even after you purchase it.